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August 6, 2012
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VT: London Dyer by taiwonton VT: London Dyer by taiwonton

Promotion means a new outfit. :iconureshiiplz: So much happier with this than I was with her cadet art. OTL;;

Name: London Gianna Dyer
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Country: Eivindr
Element: Air
Faction: Erius Knights
Rank: Officer
Str 5 / Mag 38+5 / Vit 17 / Spd 18 / Sp 2/
Weapon: Rapier
Expertise: Medic - London is an on-site medic, acting as support behind the frontlines of battle. She is capable of defending herself, and has the capacity to fight on the front lines. But she is not nearly as capable as others, and so primarily stays behind to tend to the wounded as soon as possible.

| Irritable | Judgmental | Focused | Sharp-Tongued | Strong Sense of Responsibility | Stubborn | Vain | Loyal |

For London, the first impression she has of someone can mean a lifetime of grief or an undyingly loyal friend. To those that she dislikes she can be rather rude, terribly sarcastic and generally a very abrasive person, often making her distaste for them painfully obvious. However, to those she likes or respects, she can be quite pleasant to be around, albeit her sharp words and snotty attitude is always just under the surface. Surprisingly, she takes orders extremely well, having grown up under the iron fist of a woman who never took 'no' for an answer, and she's never one to shirk responsibility if she feels she was truly at fault. These better qualities however, are often pushed aside by her stronger, negative traits-- the most impressionable is an extreme vanity that mixes up her priorities so that some of her first thoughts jump to her hair and make-up in the middle of dire straits. Friendliness is not one of her strongest points either, as she often has a scathing attitude just to get all the irritation out of her, releasing any frustrations she may have with close friends on strangers and acquaintances.

Ultimately however, London's the type of girl who tries to take the lead, but is generally incapable of handling it. She's not keen on making decisions for a group, though she's quick to become impatient if a choice isn't made in what she deems to be a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore she has trouble expressing herself, particularly when it comes to genuine feelings over meaningful things like friendship, bonds, or fulfilling dreams. Such things that are excessively 'corny' leave her feeling embarrassed about even harboring such childish feelings in the first place. As a result, she tends to try to cover up those feelings with rolled eyes and sharp remarks to diffuse the feel-good atmosphere, which, needless to say, often makes her seem like an A+ Bitch.

History: They say that the most handsome of men are the ones who never stay, and this was certainly true of London's father, a face she never knew. Her mother was the proprietor of a brothel and bar, a tough-as-nails kind of woman who did what she wanted when she wanted. So being left behind by her man was nothing earth-shattering to the independent woman, who didn't take crap from anyone, customer or not. She raised her daughter under this iron fist, teaching London the importance of being confident and asserting herself in the face of the lower classes of Eivindr, and living as a woman in the cavern towns. London's childhood was spent growing up with bad influences all around, drunken men and promiscuous women. Her mother taught her that in order to survive, one had to believe that they were the best-and as a result, the little princess was quite high on her ego, getting into physical fights with the other kids over who was better than the other. London's desperation to prove herself often left her the victor, and when she was not, she was a truly sore loser who retaliated in the nastiest, sneakiest ways a child could imagine. But at a young age she was introduced to her half-brother, a boy her mother had borne four years before her to an upper class man. At the time, London had no qualms with his upperclass status-she enjoyed having a sibling to order around and play with, following him around like a baby duckling. Through her time spent with him and the stories and sights of the life led by the upper class, London began to desire something more than her simpleton life as a dirty low class child. She became increasingly aware of the differences between her and her brother, the top of Eivindr and the bottom, and was discontent with herself. She grew distant from her brother, resenting their differences and feeling inadequate in comparison-something her pride could not accept. But more than anything else, London wanted the glitzy, glamorous life of an upper class citizen.

Deciding to change her dingy life, London became increasingly distant from the "scum" surrounding her, attempting to lift herself out of her class. She engaged in activities that she believed would raise her status, taking on fighting with a respectable weapon, the rapier, rather than the brass knuckles she had used to beat up the men around her in the past. She dabbled in healing magic, believing it would off-set her admittedly harsh personality and lend a softer touch to her image. But even throughout all this, London knew that there was nothing she could do to become something she wasn't- there was no way for her to bridge the gap of class through her power alone. It was around this time that she was reacquainted with the conflict between the Quasers and Erius Knights-Quasers desired equality, she was told-they wanted a better world for everyone. But what was supposed to be a pitch for the Quasers appeared to London as nothing more than a group who would ruin her hard work to appear better than she was. She made it a point to join the Erius Knights in order to differentiate herself from those who desired equality. After all, equality was the very last thing London wanted: She wanted to be above others, not be equals with them. And so to her, joining the Erius Knights was her ticket out of the lower class. Not to mention, a long-time interest in dragons also spurred on her interest in the Knights, as the mysterious creatures had always inhabited the islands around Eivindr. London very much desired to see and interact with a creature that so embodied the very values she loved most: A fierce fighting spirit and independence.

Upon joining the Erius Knights, she befriended Artemisia Eisler and her brother though for the latter friendship was not exactly the best definition for their exchanges. She also met Lir, a customer from her past days working in her mother's brothel and deemed it to be one of the most unfortunate encounters she'd had since relocating to Arcana. Though otherwise, she made plenty of enemies and alienated not a small number of her fellow cadets-- not much to her dismay however, finding great company in having friends with whom rank and class didn't matter at all. Staying mostly out of trouble in comparison to her best friend, she was unfortunately plagued by the infection of a doppleganger, the nature of which she was not to understand until it began to wreak havoc on her personality, making her shyer, timid, and kind, and to her increasing horror she was informed that it would eventually take over her body if not purged through an exorcism. The news that she would be terminated unless able to defeat this monster inside of her was quite unsettling, and while she kept herself seemingly detached, it brought about a very profound reevaluation of her priorities, as she doubted her ability to defeat the monster in one-on-one combat.

This imminent death and a newfound appreciation for life motivated her to assist her brother Colten and his fellow quasers as a healer on one of their expeditions. Naturally, this serious lapse in judgement resulted in punishment by Arcana, helping to bring her back to reality. Having dragged Albrecht Eisler along with her, a combination of seeing his efficiency on the battlefield and knowing that he took the brunt of the punishment, her respect for him grew enough that she treated him with a considerably more civilized attitude afterwards. After exorcising the dopple with the help of Kleon Acacia and her friend Artie, London's displeasure at her own inability to hold her ground had her reeling to improve herself-- and as for her interactions with Lir throughout all these events, :iconmysteryplz:

Skill: Impact Break - Releases an extremely powerful, condensed burst of air to deflect a target through a punch or kick that sends a burst of air in the same direction as the blow. (i.e., if the leg is kicking towards the right, air is released towards the right and the leg does not make contact with the target.) Another use is to augment either a punch or kick (or slap) to become stronger than it normally would have been on connection with the receiving party by releasing a burst of air in the opposite direction of the blow, speeding up the arm or leg. (i.e., if the leg is kicking towards the right, air is released towards the left to propel the leg forward into the target.) If Impact Break is used via the latter method, the increased pressure absorbed by her own body can cause bruising in the muscles, or broken bones if she attacks something solid.

Skill: Benedictus - A healing skill that allows her to heal any severity of external laceration or breach of flesh/skin, such as injuries received from mana shots. However, can only be used on one person at a time, and the deeper the injury, the longer the healing takes. If a fatal laceration is not healed at once, Benedictus can only slow death rather than prevent it. Benedictus is incapable of fixing broken bones, illness, bruises, or internal bleeding. This skill is conjured up by tracing a circle in the air over and parallel to the wound, summoning up a circular glowing rune. The hand must be within one foot of the wound in order for the skill to take effect-- and while the hand does not necessarily need to be applied directly to the wound, mashing the laceration with her hand before sealing the upper layers of flesh and skin is a habit that London reserves for when she is healing wounds of people she does not particularly like.

Special: Kyrie Eleison - A healing skill that allows her to heal moderately injured individuals within a 10 foot radius of her to full health. However, half of all physical injuries absorbed by Kyrie Eleison will transfer and reappear on London's own body. These injuries cannot be healed with magic, though scars do not form from injuries incurred due to this ability. Complications from internal injury absorption have been known to occur in prior practitioners. Side effects of healing illnesses with Kyrie Eleison vary depending on the severity of the disease.

Additional Details:
- She's really nice to dragons and animals-- at least, in comparison to her treatment of most humans..... sob
- London's Voice - [link]
- London's Older Half-Brother: [link]žion=&q=colten+vios#/d56h7q6
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