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April 4, 2012
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Republic City - Terik by taiwonton Republic City - Terik by taiwonton
This RP is like the manifestation of all I've ever wanted since the Korra episode was leaked. :iconcryforeverplz:


edit: I made Terik's colors a little darker in order to fit with the color darkening process that seems to take place as individuals get older in the Northern Tribe. I also updated his profile a little to reflect his actions and previous dialogue IC.

"You're friendly to everybody, but the truth is, you're not interested in anybody."
- hana wa saku ka



Northern Water Tribe



Cooking: After living and travelling on his own for many years, Terik’s picked up a knack for cooking up a hearty homemade meal with whatever he’s got on hand. He tends to get overwhelmed if he’s presented with too many ingredients though…

Healing: Despite the initial protest from his tribe, Terik has learned the basics to water-based healing due to his tendency to travel without company for extended periods of time. He’s not well versed, but he can manage to stave off the worst of injuries.

Pipa: Terik can pluck out any simple tune hummed or played to him. He can also play a small handful of tunes of greater complexity from memory.


Patient | Laid-back | Flexible | Amiable
Lazy | Forgetful | Guarded | Unreliable

Terik has a very laid-back nature, spending his days freely without restraining himself by things like schedules or obligations. Operating by the principle of living in the present, rather than the future, he has a bit of a haphazard lifestyle in which he doesn’t tend to make any sort of plans until the very last minute. However once Terik has settled on a decision, it’s impossible to convince him to budge, and he will kindly rebuff any protest and work diligently to fulfill his goals.

A very amiable person, Terik tries his best not to step on anyone’s toes and never fails to make an effort to reconcile with someone who’s less than pleased with him. Not to mention his endless patience and charming charisma make him a pleasant person to be around, so he’s quite the people person. But he’s lazy to a fault, often avoiding hard work and other things that require more effort than he’s willing to give, and as a result he’s quite unreliable. He doesn’t like overexerting himself, and is the first to elect to an afternoon cat nap in lieu of duties that need completing. He's responsible though-- in instances when he needs to take on punishment or repercussions due to his own actions, he won't shirk away from taking responsibility.

Despite his agreeable personality, he’s a very guarded individual who doesn’t like to involve himself too deeply in other peoples’ affairs just as much as he doesn’t like sharing his own life with another. He minds his manners, mostly to avoid trouble, but trouble always seems to find him as he’s a bit of a scatterbrained, forgetful guy and he doesn’t always remember what he’s told the first time around.

RP Sample

Bathed by the young morning sun, the icy city of the Northern Water Tribe glittered in the sunrise, a truly breathtaking scene to behold. It would have been a picture perfect scene, if not for the young man perched upon the ice walls surrounding the metropolis. The only one of his age who ever saw himself up this early, Terik had always been plagued by poor sleep patterns and so had positioned himself to at least enjoy the last sight of his home before his annual journey back to Republic City. Despite having travelled abroad countless times already, deep in his heart, Terik loved his home and always found something pulling at him to stay the morning of his departures. But his wanderlust would never let him. From the very beginning of his adulthood and completion of his waterbending lessons, Terik was the first of his friends to pack his things and begin seeing the world. His last stop on his year-long journey had been the fabulous city of legend, Republic City. In this city, Terik had begun splitting his time, ten months in Republic City and two in his homeland.

Today was the last of his annual two-month stay, and Terik was gearing up to return to Republic City. He’d have to be back in town by next week if he wanted to find himself a decent job to support himself and his risky gambling hobbies for the next ten months. Shifting his pipe from one corner of his mouth to the other with a quick rotation of his jaw, he got to his feet, pulling his rucksack off the frozen ice and shrugging it onto his shoulders.

“Till next year, then.” He smiled softly, giving a two-finger salute to the sleeping residents of the Northern Water Tribe. At once he slid his right foot in a sweeping motion against the slippery ice surface raising his hands in a steady stance before him. With slightly frozen hands from the switch to his Republic City gloves, Terik traced great horizontal circles in the air, melting tendrils of water from the wall, arching them out from the wall, and freezing them to the other end, creating a makeshift ladder of sorts to get down from the top. As soon as he dropped off of the lowest rung and steadied himself on the frozen land, Terik was sure to smooth out the outer surface to hide the evidence of his little sightseeing trip.

Blowing out a puff of smoke, Terik pulled his pipe from his mouth, twirling it expertly between his fingers and dumping out the used tobacco.

“Maybe I’ll score a gig at a gambling house this time.”

Additional Info
- Terik tends to sleep erratically, getting at most 3 hours of consecutive sleep. As a result, he’s a bit spacey and slow when he hasn’t had enough opportunities to nap.

- Everyone in his family is a waterbender, though his mother and younger sister can only use their bending powers for healing as per Northern Water Tribe tradition.

- Terik goes back to the Northern Tribe once a year, but has a strained relationship with his family at best. He comes from a relatively wealthy household, and so Terik's inability to settle down is a source of conflict between him and his parents.

- Terik spends most of his free time gambling, but still knows when to draw the line. He walks away as soon as he’s won a modest amount, and doesn’t pull from his day-to-day allowance if he happens to have a losing day.

- While not interested enough to go out of his way to watch pro-bending at the arena, Terik listens to the play-by-play in the gambling houses during on-season months.

- He smokes on occasion, but most of the time he just has the pipe in his mouth for the sake of having something there.

- He works odd jobs around the city, but primarily makes his living off of his participation in the Red Monsoons as muscle for hire.
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