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September 2, 2012
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KU: Sugai Megumi by taiwonton KU: Sugai Megumi by taiwonton

Name: Sugai Megumi

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Date of Birth: 12/14/93

Degree: Zoology

Personality: After a solid two years in University, Megumi has calmed down to a considerable extent—and while still generally the same chipper and energetic girl she was in the beginning of her college career, she tends only to show this side to friends or people she's already acquainted with. To most people, her demeanor tends to still carry the ideal 'cuteness' valued in girls her age, but it stems less from her original self-delusion of actually having such a nature than the fact that it's just easier to interact with people that way. Still subconsciously struggling against her inferiority complex against her sister, she agonizes over being disliked by anybody as that, in her head, automatically equates to them liking her sister more—and thus tries to use her charms to maintain positive or, at the very least, neutral opinions towards her.

Having grappled with difficulties in making significant friendships and relationships for the past year while juggling her failing school grades, Megumi has generally given up on the friendship front, and only exerts herself on maintaining relations with people she's already close with. In a way, having gotten tired of constantly playing to the tune of strangers and sort-of-friends, she's become more prone to spending time by herself or with a select group rather than mingling amongst strangers, preferring others to approach her first. She also spends increasing amounts of time looking after her younger brothers as they apply for high school and middle school exams respectively, despite all her complaints about their spoiled natures—and this leads to a tendency to nag after him and others who are younger than her more often than she would've before.

Bio: Growing up in a loving family, Megumi spent her entire life in relative comfort. While her family was never excessively wealthy thanks to her being one of 5 siblings, there was never a dull day at home, and never a moment to stop and take a breather. But that was fine, because Megumi was the go getter girl who loved to jump headfirst into everything she did. Her mother worked long hours and would return only in time to eat dinner while her father, like most Japanese men, played a very small role in her childhood life, working from early hours until late at night- some days not even returning home. By their example, working hard became a trait embraced by the entire family despite their parents' physical absence. From youth, she, her twin sister Manami, and younger brother Minoru were raised primarily by their oldest brother Makoto, who appreciated his parents' efforts the most and so drilled it into his younger siblings. Being the girls in the family, it fell to Megumi and Manami to do the cooking and a majority of the household chores-- and Megumi, naturally messy and unorganized, took on the cooking.

Going into middle school, it became increasingly apparent that Manami was the more feminine between the two sisters, and they both quickly fell into their respective roles-- Megumi being the loudmouthed, sporty twin, and Manami, the sweetly dispositioned girly girl. So went their usual routine, completely typical of any Japanese girl's school lifestyle. The defining factor of her experience however, was that from the first year of middle school, Megumi had fallen fast and hard for her best friend-- a relatively popular boy who was good looking and bright. But it was apparent to everyone from the start that he preferred the girlier, more cutesy Manami. Hearing about how much he liked her sister day in day out was a painful experience for Megumi, who kept her feelings tightly sealed under a facade of support for his affections for Manami. Knowing her feelings could ruin their friendship, she chose to ignore their existence, forcing smiles and laughter. From this numbing first love, Megumi was undeniably crushed. After the relationship between her sister and friend bloomed, Megumi ended her friendship with the boy, and resolved to become a person who would someday be chosen over her elegant sister. Despite this, she failed to learn her lesson and continued to avoid the difficulties she had in seeing them together, and this slowly grew to extend to her ignoring her own conflicts with friends and family.

Despite this newfound penchant for running away, Megumi bounced back in highschool, abandoning her slouchy socks and holey t-shirts for a girlier appearance. If her sister could do it, why couldn't she? High school proceeded without any major hitches in her social life, spending time with newfound female friends and old time guy friends. Megumi was still the girl who had to take make-up exams, but the hard work ethic Makoto had hammered into her kicked in (sort of) and she sobered up to study for university exams.

But as soon as she entered university, she fell right back into the swing of things, failing a number of classes from her neglect. She couldn't find a way to balance her social life and academics, and in her first year placed more emphasis on friends than books. After a humbling experience with her brother and parents, she resolved to do better-- but it wasn't quite as easy as she'd hoped, and still she continued to get barely passing grades. With these repeated failures and a row with her brother over dropping out, she's given up on school in a sense and only does as much as is necessary to graduate. Having given up on that, she's also given up on herself in many other ways—no longer agonizing over her appearance in that there's no reason to do so. The goal she'd been entertaining when she began dressing better was never attained, she couldn't do well in school even when she studied harder, and she's quite convinced that she's simply destined to not excel at anything. Thus, having decided against exerting the fruitless effort, she doesn't try as hard as she used to in anything. She lives day-to-day, concerning herself mainly with her younger brothers who increasingly rely on her to maintain the household as her sister begins to spend less and less time at home.

Club: None
Occupation: Worked at a family friend's restaurant, Karu Ramen, as a waitress for 3 years, quit after entering University and now helps out only on the busiest days of the year.


* Lives with her family
* Bikes to and from school
*Has one dog and one cat- a 2 year old Rough Collie named Nanacchi and a 5 year old Russian blue named Rururi.
* Hates her major, but arbitrarily picked a subject at the suggestion of her high school teacher. It being too late to change without spending an extra year in University, she's merely trying her best to deal with the time she has left.

+ Animals
+ Running/Taking Nanacchi and Rururi out for walks
+ Reading Magazines
+ Stationary
+ Karaoke
+ Cooking (Kyara Ben)
+ Cell phone short stories
+ Shoujo Manga
+ Kids
+ Her younger brothers

- Bugs
- Losing
- Bad Weather
- Getting up early
- Her oldest brother and sister
- Studying
- Party Games
- Being disliked by others
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