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Illegibilus: Paris King by taiwonton Illegibilus: Paris King by taiwonton

The shit I do when I promise myself not to :iconomgcryplz:

I RP mainly through chat and google docs- feel free to send me a note if you'd like to roleplay!

• Name: Paris King
• Age: 13
• Gender: Female 
• Height: 5'1"
• Weight: 98lbs
• Birthday: December 9th
• Nationality: British
• House: Slytherin 
• Year: 3rd

• Personality: 

| Calm | Patient | Tenacious | Mature | Obsessively treasures things that are 'hers' | Eccentric | Unapproachable | Curious |

At first glance, Paris is the perfectly poised image of pureblood mannerisms and nonchalance. She isn't quick to lose her temper, and being in no hurry, is quite patient when it comes to almost all matters- even those she finds trying. She is surprisingly mature for her age, and often likes to think and mull over matters in serious ways that are usually lost on her pre-teen peers. Rather philosophical, Paris almost has the same thirst for knowledge that a Ravenclaw does- except she loses interest rather easily, and very quickly moves on from one thought to the next, at times uncaring if her initial curiosity was unsatisfied. That said, she is a very curious creature, and indeed she rather likes learning new things- albeit she is always rather hesitant at first, due to her somewhat reserved nature. 

For those who take the time to get to know her, they find that Paris is not quite as ladylike as she seems. She has none of the usual affection girls her age hold for cute cats, dressing up or any other 'girly' things like that. Rather, Paris enjoys insects, reptiles, and the most morbid of ghosts- as she finds them far more interesting than cats. Anything that is creepy and crawly, Paris most likely has some sort of interest in it- and it's both this affinity for things most people find repulsive, as well as her unwillingness to speak up towards those who she does not recognize as a pureblood family member, that make her seem unapproachable. 

• Background: 

Born to a branch family of the main Kingston lineage and raised as a refined young lady, Paris spent very little of her childhood playing outside and romping about like other children. She was subject to both her mother's doting and rigid schedule, asked to be mature and ladylike from a very young age and given only minimal time to exhibit traits that would even allude to childishness- a trait her parents both had very little patience for. Her parents also had little patience for any witch or wizard with the smallest drop of muggle blood- and so distanced themselves from most wizarding communities besides their pureblood relatives. As a result, she grew close to her family members, and though they she tended to maintain a front of formality, there was a deep affection for those whom she called her only friends.

But living in a countryside manor secluded from the non-wizarding world, she was largely unaware of what 'muggles' were, besides simply hearing from her cousins, aunts and uncles that they were non-magic folk that weren't to be bothered with- that were below her and her family. The concept was more intimidating to her than anything- metal boxes that would clang and beep and clunk, mysterious plastic objects from which voices would come out of and still, unmoving pictures. It was an entire world unknown to her, as her parents shielded her fervently from the muggle world. But this unknowing grew not into hate, but rather fear, as the muggle world was simply an unknown variable in her life that she had yet to contend with.

But it soon came to be that she would be forced to face muggle children her age, when she received her letter to Hogwarts. Equipped with the finest supplies as befit any child of her pureblood family, and perhaps an heirloom or two or darker origins, she was greatly unsettled by the first scene at the Hogwarts express-- a boisterous explosion of nerves, anticipation, and excitement amongst both children and adults alike. Unsettled as she was with such a strange display of expression that she had never seen in any of her family members unless it were an expression of distaste or displeasure, she did not particularly dislike the atmosphere- but merely felt like a stranger, as if she were intruding on something to which she did not belong.

And so, she quickly retreated to the safety of a cabin on the express filled with only her relatives- a compartment full of proud Slytherins, apart of which she hoped to become, and eventually did. Her first two years at Hogwarts were relatively uneventful, as she avoided contact with most everyone who she was not related with-- and she had no particular adversion towards being alone when the only alternative would be to speak to muggle borns, with whom she had yet to figure out how to interact with. She excelled in her studies thanks to all this solitude, often spending hours alone in the library- and so entering her third year, she fully expected to continue this pattern of ignoring all those whom she could not be bothered to deal with. 

But in the summer before her third year at Hogwarts, this mindset was slightly swayed- and she returned to the school both doubtful and hopeful towards a possibly different experience....

• Family: 

Father: Oliver King - A pureblood wizard who adheres very strongly to age-old traditions. Has a general dislike for all muggles, including those with magical powers- but is more reasonable than your average purist in that he can respect and recognize talent regardless of blood legacy.
Mother: Charlotte Doherty King - A pureblood witch who is refined and ladylike, keeping her hands out of affairs she finds below her. Her family sided with the Dark Lord during the Second Wizarding War, and faced great repercussions in the wake of his defeat. 
Older Brother: Oliver King Jr. - Paris' older brother, a 6th year Slytherin and a perfectionist in every right. Despises muggles and muggle-borns, but does not torment them either- he merely ignores their very existence.
Younger Brother: Ethan King - Paris' younger brother, 10 years old. He exhibits many traits unsettling for his pureblood family, including a profound interest in the tales of Harry Potter.
Cousin: Logan Doherty - Her cousin through her mother's side, a pureblood Slytherin in his 6th year at Hogwarts. She treats him like an older brother, in place of the absence of her real one.
Cousin: Lir Doherty - Her cousin through her mother's side, a pureblood Ravenclaw in his 2nd year at Hogwarts. They have a friendly(?) rivalry thanks to their similar ages and interests, through she has mixed feelings on his sorting into Ravenclaw.

• Likes & Dislikes:
o Conversation | Stitching | Fortune Telling | Reading | Writing in her Diary | Reptiles | Ghosts | Curses }}
x Gryffindors | Candy | Transfiguration | Sports | Arithmancy | Cold Weather | Cleaning }}

• Elective Classes:
Study of Ancient Runes

• Extra Curricular:
Ghoul Studies

• Spells: 

Locomotor Mortis - Locks the legs of a victim together, preventing them from moving independently of each other.
Immobulus - A spell which immobilises living targets. 
Protego - A shield charm that creates a magical barrier to deflect physical entities and spells. Paris is most proficient at using it as a parry rather than casting it as a constant entity.

• Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 11.5"
Wood: Ebony Wood
Flexibility: Swishy

• Achievements

• Relationships

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