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GT: Kaname Kobayashi by taiwonton GT: Kaname Kobayashi by taiwonton

Summer uniform | Kaname Needs a Haircut | Personality | Likes/Dislikes | History | Other | Relationships :new: | Eden Rifle

You can still find his old app here, which has a better view of Enigma's outfit. 

Name: Kaname Kobayashi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Nationality: Japanese
Year: Junior

Alias: Enigma
Element: Metal
Weapon: Eden Rifle - A rifle with a chain attached to the end. The chains bind Enigma's arms, but it's movements are controlled magnetically.
Level: 1
STR: 10
SPD: 30
VIT: 10
DEF: 0
INT: 10
LCK: 0
Sharpshooter: Enigma can shoot as many rounds as he likes with the rifle without heed to ammunition. The rifle can also be used as a blunt weapon.

Bullet Blowout: In exchange for 50% of his remaining HP, Enigma’s rifle duplicates into 7 separate rifles which are all controlled magnetically via the chains bound around his torso and arms. The chains have a length of 10 feet and the rifles cannot move beyond this limit. Activating Bullet Blowout causes a +7 STR Stat increase for a duration of 3 rounds.

+ Confident in himself and his abilities, Kaname’s a bit of a perfectionist—but not to the extent that he’s unreasonable about it. His determination also leads to a bit of a courageous rashness in his otherwise lukewarm personality when push comes to shove.

+ Kaname has learned to start taking control of the things going on around him rather than simply going with the flow- he's not a born leader, but he's reasonable enough to put aside his own troubles and otherwise cynical personality for the sake of the team.

+ He can be quite sensitive and thoughtful. Keywords: can be.

+ He's usually polite, and follows nearly all the general rules of Japanese society's formalities. (Unless he straight up doesn't like you.) He expects the same from others however, and can be very quickly alienated by someone who acts in rude manner.

- Kaname has a hard time forgiving those who have betrayed his hard-earned trust once before, even if they apologize. He can be quite stubborn in this sense.

- Because he himself does everything with great efficiency, he can be quite impatient with others, and he’s not shy about expressing such feelings of disapproval towards people he doesn't feel any particular bias towards. He can be quite harsh towards people for whom he feels no respect.

- Kaname’s much better at relaxing, but still rarely smiles or laughs- he's easier to talk to, but he's still quite guarded and tries to keep everyone at a polite arm's length.

- He's highly judgmental of others and not very open minded- he carries a lot of prejudices impressed upon him by his family and society in general. He strongly believes in the Japanese proverb that "the nail that sticks out will be hammered down", and looks down on people who aren't cut from a certain cloth. 

+ Techno/EDM + Rainy/Cloudy Weather + Horror Films + Gore/Violence in 2D + Piano + Video Games + Reading + His Cellphone + Puzzles and Dragons + Kyudo + Club Activities +

- Messiness - Alcohol - Rudeness – Most Anime/Manga (read: otakus) – Karaoke – Exercising – Group Projects – Going Home – Packaged/Convenience Store Food -

History: Expectations were always a part of life for Kaname, who was born the son of a man in high corporate standing in Japan’s biggest conglomerate banking system, Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Though he was 5 years his brother’s junior, by pure evidential talent, it was quickly made apparent that not even a 5 year head start would do him any good in the face of his younger brother, who was a talented yet obedient child from the very start. Kaname would bend for all of his parents’ wishes— which at first, were rather manageable in that they simply demanded that he procure the best grades in his class. But that wasn’t difficult for a naturally smart Kaname, who somehow still managed to find time to play with his friends and romp about like any other child. He was by no means popular thanks to his top grades, but it wasn’t a stretch to say that he had quite a handful of friends that he could rely on to be there whenever he felt like stopping by the game center or a local festival. He enjoyed responsibility, and was a perfectionist- eager to please his parents who favored him greatly- eager to grow up into a wonderful adult. With their decently sized house filled with 6 people including his grandparents, it was a generally carefree and rich childhood brimming with smiles and love.

But the pressure was too much for his brother Kazuma, who after entering high school, began to crumble under the lectures and disappointment emanating from his parents— and despite the best efforts of his grandparents to mediate the conflict, Kaname began to see his brother less and less. Until one day, he never saw him again. In light of this, expectations on Kaname began to weigh down as all bets were riding on their youngest son’s shoulders now. What was a loving family grew tense and quiet—cheerful dinners growing deathly silent with two empty seats now that his grandfather’s health was beginning to worsen and regular overnight stays in the hospital were being ordered. But expectations were normal, and so Kaname continued to fulfill his parents’ wishes, feeling an inexplicable obligation to age-old traditions to fulfill his duty as their son.

Upon the death of his beloved grandfather however, Kaname began to lose interest in pleasing his parents. He had no particular goal for life now that he'd gotten older and seen the reality of life-- no dream job, no desire for a girlfriend or family. He rejected all who got close to him in order to protect the ever growing problems at home from being found out lest his father lose face in his company and community, and bottling it all up, he had no motivation to do anything but float on by with the rest of the crowd. Upon passing all of his entrance exams, he selected the Seiko school system much to the extreme disapproval of his father. However, he was resolved on his decision because of the school’s proximity to his home, refusing a commute to better schools due to his sheer disinterest in going above and beyond. His mother endorsed this idea, unable to bear the idea of parting with her ‘baby boy’, and so he was able to find himself in a school of a caliber much lower than what he was capable of. Easily keeping within the top three male students throughout the beginning of his freshman year, his growing apathy began to affect his grades towards the middle when he slipped out of the top scorers. The emotional distance he kept from his peers only increased as the problems at home began to escalate to the point where his neighbors began to whisper about Kazuma's disappearance, and in order to keep school as the safe haven where nobody knew or seemed to care about his family's secrets, he tried not to get anybody too interested in him.

This alienation didn't go unnoticed, and in his second year, at the urging of his homeroom teacher, he refounded the Kyudo Club. With preparations and recruitment taking up all of his time, he found it easy to forget about the problems he had at home in the whirlwind of responsibilities that had been thrust upon him. Without the time nor energy to dwell on what was and what could have been, he tends to spend long hours at school and afterwards the library, in order to avoid the awkwardness and pressure he faces at home. In the face of his club activities and his frantic struggle to recover his skills after a year's worth of not shooting a single arrow, his textbooks are being put to the wayside...


- His eyes are lavender purple.
- He keeps his room impeccably clean, and is a bit obsessive about keeping everything in order… Has slight OCPD when it comes to his own stuff-- and that obsessiveness now extends to the Kyudo Club's stuff and club room. (AKA: He's surprisingly good at cleaning.)
- Is near sighted, and wears glasses when he can't be bothered to put on contacts in the morning. (Giorgio Armani frames.)
- He will not leave the house in clothes that are non-branded. (He prefers domestic brands such as Rage Blue and ZARA.)
- Was in the archery club in middle school, but lost interest in it, so he quit by high school. Refounded it in his second year and is currently Kyudo Club President.
- Has long eyelashes—but they annoy him because they bump against the lenses of his glasses.
- Literally cannot cook or sing to save his life.
- Can play the piano with a mechanical sort of proficiency. He's been improving his emotional expression in music as of late.
- VA:…  Shimono Hiro


Cho Fukawa: Childhood friends- played together when their grandparents were friends. He doesn't talk to her anymore as he finds it awkward to keep up with her energy and feels embarrassed over who he is versus who she knew him to be.

Teiko Yamada: Acquaintences-- his mother frequents her family's shop, and he frequently picks up her orders. He has perhaps the most respect for her out of all his classmates due to her manners and reasonableness.

Chigusa Fumihiro: Short. A rather unintelligent and hotheaded senpai. Doesn't respect him much, but affords him civility for the sheer fact that he's a senpai.

Ethan Lemieux: Childhood friends- played together in their elementary and middle school years during summer vacations when Kaname's grandmother invited Ethan over to assuage her disapproval for how his grandmother treated him. Drifted apart due to both struggling with personal issues at the end of middle school. Kaname avoids him like the plague for the same reasons he avoids Cho.

Aine Hisakawa: :iconomgcryplz:????? He values her as a member of the Kyudo Club but everything she does baffles him and he can't seem to keep his cool around her. He runs away from her outside of club activities simply because he doesn't know how to handle her.

Kaho Aida: Thinks of her as a very sweet senpai and tries to be nice when she's around- but doesn't interact with her much because he doesn't think he should, given his general cynicism and prickliness.

Haru Kihara: Started out disliking her greatly- thinks she's not very smart and her problems are petty and easily resolved-- but after spending more time with her, realized that he doesn't exactly dislike her company.

Tsutomu Kohamazaki: They attend the same cram school. Thinks his last name is... interesting but a pain in the ass to say.
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