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AB: Jarrik Sato by taiwonton AB: Jarrik Sato by taiwonton

His profile is so long. Sobs.

    Name: Jarrik Sato
    Age: 24
    Rank: A (King)
    Team: N/A

      Flame Road

    air treks
      After a series of rather humbling defeats, Jarrik has finally wizened up to the importance of AT quality in tandem with the skill of the rider. His new ATs are constructed from parts given to him by two teams—Niflheim and Vehemence. Though not even half as comfortable as his old pair of choice, their shin-high boot and tight fit allows for him to execute his moves of choice—sweeping kicks and break dancing style—without the worry of them falling right off. They also enable him to reach his maximum speeds without as much strain on his ankles, a necessity for the friction based Flame Road.


      Procrastinator - Lazy - Irresponsible

      Jarrik is the guy who doesn't do things until the very last possible minute. There's always time to put things off, and he can't be bothered to do things beforehand. In fact, he can't bothered to do a lot of things. He hates wasting his energy on things that he finds unworthy of his attention, such as cooking meals for himself, cleaning up after his disaster of an
      apartment, and actively making friends and connections. As a result of the latter, he doesn't particularly tend to think twice about going back on his promises, or lying through his nose to people he doesn't care about.

      Short Temper - Reckless - Wary

      Patience is not one of Jarrik's strong points-- in fact, he's best described as an excessively abrasive individual. The smallest things will piss him off, and he's not afraid to be vocal about it, complaining about anything and everything he can think of. He's not going to give face to anybody if he doesn't think they deserve it-- in fact he might even go out of his way to say nasty things if they push his buttons enough. He tells it how it is-- if he says anything at all, he won't beat around the bush and pretty up his words. As of late however, he’s found that things tend to go smoother if he’d just hold his tongue for one second longer to consider whether he should really say something or not—and so he’s beginning to learn to say nothing despite any frustrations. He doesn't hold much stock in self-preservation, and cares more about the goal than what it takes to get there, though he’s not shy about making snarky, unimpressed comments if other people do the same. Jarrik has a bit of a conception that complete strangers are not to be trusted—and so he tends to leave their vicinity as soon as he can if manageable—and if not, then he’ll try to drive them away with his foul moods.

      Confident - Arrogant - Caring (?)

      Jarrik is an extremely confident person-- he knows what he can do and he doesn't sell himself short no matter who he's talking to. He's not the kind of guy who's constantly out to prove himself, because to him, there is nothing to prove. Rather, his laziness comes hand in hand with his arrogance, and he often sees no point in showing off when he- and subsequently everyone else, should just inherently know that he's a bad ass mother fucker. But through all his arrogance, he's not against sharing his advice (in perhaps less than kind ways,) and he's more interested in new riders than he is in seasoned ones. He likes watching baby birds earn to fly, in a sense, and he's always keen to help.... in his own, special way...... On the same note, towards those who have managed to worm their way into his apathetic heart, he tends to hold an extremely soft spot for—whether it be doting or tolerating—or even swallowing his insufferable pride, he tends to be willing to take down his grumpy front for those who earn it...

    history/team history

      Raised in an orphanage after his parents, young college students with bright futures who weren't willing to raise a child together, gave him up at birth. Jarrik was always the kid that was passed over by the prospective families as a problem child. He was too violent, they said-- he's too much trouble, he can't be fixed. He was bounced back and forth between families, only ever to end up where he was in the first place: that god damned orphanage. Jarrik grew resentful of everyone around him, never satsified- never happy with where he was and what he had. He picked fights wherever he went, always ready to shut the face of anybody who made fun of his situation. Even those happy faces of the families who thought they could change him like some kind of soap opera transformation-- he wiped those fake smiles off of their faces too.

      Why are you so difficult? Why can't you just be normal?

      Well shit, that's what Jarrik wanted to know! Why did other kids have birthdays, when all he had was some crappy old day that he'd been tossed onto the doorstep of some sad institution for unloved kids? Why did other kids have moms and dads, families with people who would forgive you for all your faults and love you irrevocably? In all his childhood, he found friendship in a boy named Gareki, and even that was quickly punctured by his family trading him back to the orphanage. There was no point in making friends if he'd just end up moving away by the end of the month. It wasn't long before he landed himself a few nights in juvie and a one-way ticket to jail, tried as an adult for a crime he didn't commit and angrier than ever before in the most turbulent phase of his life. Jarrik needed a direction, something to convince him that he wasn't destined to amount to nothing.

      He found that in Air Treks at the age of 14 after being released from jail, where a fellow misfit had described the sense of freedom as 'the thing we're all lookin' for'. Jarrik was keen to try it, though he had no idea what it was that he was supposed to be looking for. His parole officer, not keen on the generally lawless sport, was hesitant, but begrudgingly bought Jarrik his first pair as a congratulatory gift for getting out of Juvie. But it wasn't easy to let go of old habits at first. Jarrik was back at the start even with AT's, tagging graffiti, stealing, and mixing with the most lawless of groups. It was at this time that he met his tuner-- when he was but 15, she was a young child of 10 years old. He and his crew looted her house, having heard that there was nobody left there but some sob story of a kid. It was the easiest steal, since the stupid girl would just let them in and let them take whatever they liked-- and so they came back time after time until they stripped the house of every valuable. But what they left there was what Jarrik would come to view as the most valuable thing that had ever been in that house. The girl insisted one day that he was off on his ride-- and he hated that. Jammin' his flow when he was already having a shit day riding-- She should just mind her own business! They argued, and even with his low morals, Jarrik wasn't about to hit a child. So as their verbal clash dragged on, she suddenly gave him a good smack to the head with a spanner-- Definitely something that rattled his brains and lost him a few good neurons. But when he awoke, she'd taken apart and fixed his ATs, and his ride was almost as good as new! It was... baffling to him, and so despite their less than civil prior encounters, he found himself returning-- drawn to her skill and their similarities in being orphans. He felt like he needed to make sure that she was still there- because like him, there was nobody else who would care to check up on them if they didn't check up on each other.

      His guilt began to grow, however, as he was indebted to his officer for his expensive ATs, and he was slowly becoming tired of being rebellious. He wanted to be liked, for once in his life, now that he had Rei in his life. He had to stand tall, on his own. But no matter what he wanted, he wasn't a respectable rider- or person, by any means until at 17, he happened to meet a young rider who he was quite enamored with. They were a rider on a fair and honest team-- and though he liked them quite a lot, they detested him vehemently for obvious reasons. He couldn't find it in him to swallow his pride and admit that they had captured his interest, but his desire to be freed from the weight of his past to even walk in the same world as them was the last push he needed to take the first step out of his deep set anger, glimpsing for the first time the true path to greatness in the world of ATs: the burning, intense, and passionate Flame Road.

      Though his abrasive personality and determination to win for the sake of being better than everybody else kept others at bay and left him wholly friendless, his observation of the rules and fairplay at least won him respect for his technique and skill, and with an almost barbaric fervor he clawed his way up the ranks fair and square. The only honest day's work he'd ever managed to do in his entire life was dawn to dusk training with his precious Air Treks. He joined a more honest team, under the leadership of the current Flame Queen of the time-- he bonded with nobody on that team, only using the other riders to boost his rank in the Parts War, and made a fair number of enemies outside and within the team over various misunderstandings over his past and personality. Things became particularly strained in the team when their leader was injured beyond complete recovery-- and though Jarrik by no means disliked the woman, he wasn't exactly fond of her overly bossy nature. He carried on as though nothing had happened-- and invoked the rage of his fellow teammates, their anger falling on deaf ears as he further retreated into his own training. He was an A-rank rider now-- he no longer had any use for the simpletons who would now do nothing but ride his coattails.

      But something about his talent must have interested the former Flame Queen, for despite his shit attitude, she recommended him to the Flame King who had come before her. His attitude and reputation caught the interest of the middle-aged man who came to laugh and poke fun at the irritable young adult. Though Jarrik was still easily angered, he was at least mature enough to restrain his fists at this point, merely simmering and wondering why this crackpot was making his life difficult by setting off his nerves at every trick and turn. But as time went on, Jarrik began to notice that the simpering and condescending remarks were... actually quite helpful. Though he'd never seen this man ride before, he wondered-- and after only a brief investigation, learned of the man's status as the current Flame King, having had the regalia returned to him by his first protege after her accident. There was no energy to come out of retirement for an old man like him, he said. And through lots of seemingly silly tests and competitions, Jarrik finally made a real name for himself, carving out a place for a street rat from rock bottom loserville as the next Flame King.

      (But the real challenge was getting, and keeping the job at the convenience store on the corner of the street.)


      Jarrik has been on two teams in the past, but never formed any particular attachments to them.
      After achieving King rank, he grew afraid of being taken advantage of for his position, and left his
      previous team, simply going where he wants, when he wants, and participating in battles whenever
      he so feels the whim to do so.

      He's working on getting a personal emblem-- but he's been putting it off for a few years now.


      Gareki: Jarrik's childhood friend and current closest friend, Gareki pushes all of Jarrik's buttons and tends to drive him up the wall-- but they've been together for so long that Jarrik unconciously forgives him for all his annoying characteristics. They don't tend to see eye to eye on much at all, but Jarrik appreciates the fact that Gareki knows every last awful thing he's done and is still willing to be friends with him....

      Tyler: :iconmysteryplz:
      His b........ friend...... and ironically the only man to whom Jarrik is willing to completely shed his stormy exterior. Tyler is his complete opposite is so many ways that Jarrik finds it almost refreshing, though at times it drives him nuts when unable to find things that the neat mechanic has put away, or while being unable to read Tyler’s thoughts and emotions due to their stark difference in intellect. But Jarrik is beginning to wonder how he ever managed to spend nearly 10 years without the genius mechanic....

      Rei Murakami: Jarrik's tuner who lives with him on and off, she's a little sister figure to him and the only "family" figure he's ever had. He would never admit it, but he loves her from the bottom of his rotten heart, and even though she's always out to set off his temper, he can't help but soften whenever he talks about her like a doting parent. But to her face, he's an absolute asshole-- because she's annoying as fuck!! He hates that she takes all his shit when he's not around without asking, leaves her crap all over the place, that they can't get a single tuning session done without him peeling fucking bunny stickers off of his ass by the end, that she has that god damned bunny backpack that's flipping the bird and that she makes him piggy back her around town when he's too lazy to go anywhere himself in the first place. .... But he's watched her grow up since she was 10 years old and feels a bit of an obligation to care for her.... and kick the ass of anybody who tries to get too familiar with her. (Not that that's usually a problem, considering she usually scares everyone off before he even has to get involved...) AKA DOTING BIG BROTHER OK

      Santa: Bordering between acquaintance and friendship-- Santa's some weird ass guy who sucks balls at riding ATs-- or at least, that's what Jarrik thinks of him. He's funny as hell, so Jarrik's not against killing time with him- and he's interested in seeing how Santa gets better over time. But to be honest, Jarrik doesn't remember what his real name is, since he just calls him "Candy Brains" all the time.

      Misato: The Wind Queen, he thinks she's probably the hottest person he's ever met-- but hates her personality with a passion. So, he doesn't make any effort to be a gentleman to her. He lost a race to her on their second encounter, and it's driving him nuts-- so he's actually getting off of his ass and going out to train nowadays, so that maybe he won't lose next time.

      Kris: Former Flame Queen, he's not really fond of her much at all. Her personality is just like Misato's in that it's a stinking load of shit in his opinion-- and he hates how bossy she is. (He's very clear on the fact that HE'S the Flame King now, not her.) But just because he doesn't like her doesn't mean he doesn't respect her. While he has no interest in her currently because of her fall from grace, he doesn't mind sharing a smoke or sharing instant noodle recommendations with her once in awhile out of respect for her past status as his team leader. He keeps her in good graces for another reason, regarding the uncertainty surrounding her injury caused by her possession of the Flame Regalia- as he's a bit nervous that what happened to her may befall him someday as well.

      Draven: His tattoo artist. (?) Will elaborate later I guess???

      Dawson: Perhaps the only person in the entire city who doesn’t push his buttons, Jarrik is surprisingly civil to her despite his at times misogynistic attitude. He respects her as a fellow queen—and one that has been around longer than he for that matter, and feels comfortable with being able to say whatever he likes without inciting an obnoxious response. They ride well together, and he enjoys her company—though he doesn’t quite trust her beyond anything more than shallow acquaintances yet.

      Sigi: (Tentative) While he affords Dawson respect as a King level rider, despite the fact that Sigi is one of the Kings who has held his title longest, Jarrik gives the younger man no such regard. He finds the man pleasantly civil at times, but insufferably arrogant in a way that Jarrik finds unsuitably overblown.

      Seth: Generally uninterested and honestly slightly put off by how forward this tuner is, Jarrik puts up with Seth primarily because he is Gareki’s current favorite toy; and also because as a King tuner, it’s not bad to keep a connection. He thinks Seth is just as annoying as his rider however; like rider, like tuner. .... Though admittedly he really enjoys teasing the guy. (Thinks his hair is weird as fuck though—why is it so damn long? What a princess.)

      Machiko: What was her name again? For the life of him, Jarrik can’t remember her name—but he knows that she’s a shitty rider, and a mediocre tuner. He arranged for her to go under the tutelage of Seth in a bit of an unkind way and had no problem with her really—until she paid Seth his price, which was a solid kick to his ass. He’s still rather sore over it.

      Astor: No words can describe the animosity in this relationship.

      Orion: Jarrik thinks of him as a clownish sort of puffed up rider who is low-class in more ways than one. He’s incessantly annoying and immature, and Jarrik generally just wishes he’d buzz off.

      Teru: Some rider he bullied. Can’t remember much, other than the fact that his ATs looked like a frog. Or was that his hat?

      Topsy: He’s relatively okay with Topsy, having seen Topsy’s ride and respecting it as an obviously seasoned one. Being naturally apathetic towards other peoples’ business, he’s not too curious about the helmet or the voice scrambler—but hates that people seem to think that Rem’s bunny obsession is actually a fixation of his on Topsy....

      Merrybell: Annoying cavewoman, not eligible for a lay, nor eligible for his advice because she just sucks too much. But a good ally for teaming up with Seth, and a bit of a presence that he’s come to accept and at times expect.

      Trix: Dumb ass kid who needs to learn how to ride or give his King title to someone who deserves it. Or at least, that’s what Jarrik thinks. The kid’s got determination though, Jarrik’ll give him that.

      - When Rei stays at his place (even if it drives him nuts)
      - Free Food
      - Graffiti (looking at it, he has no artistic ability whatsoever)
      - Breaking shit
      - Newbies (who work hard and are reckless)
      - Hard Techno
      - Air Treks
      - Lounging around on rooftops. The higher the better.
      - Complaining about everything
      - Watching cooking videos

      - Going to work
      - Shopping
      - Being polite to customers
      - Being forced to do things
      - People touching his ATs
      - Hospitals and doctors
      - People who cramp his 'flow'.
      - Books and other "smart" things
      - Actually cooking in real life


      - Usually has his earbuds in, but isn't always actually playing music.
      - His eyes are honey yellow [link].
      - Smokes if someone gives him a pack-- but he's too lazy to go buy it himself.
      - Lives off of an almost entirely instant noodle diet. Can't cook for shit and too lazy to go out and buy food.
      - Has Rei's birthday tattooed onto his right knuckles, 0414, and Gareki's on his left, 1203.
      - All of his tattoos have some sort of meaning behind the numbers, though he doesn't tell anybody what they are.
      - Never attended high school and barely passed middle school. aka he's kind of dumb but he'll punch you if you suggest that he is to his face....
      - Works at a convenience store he'll punch you if you make fun of him for that, too
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