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taiwonton // wontonton
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Yo! I'm tai:

- I draw purely for fun.
- I don't take requests.
- I do take art trades, but only if you're a good friend!
- I do take commissions right now, please check my journal to check for open slots!
- I roleplay through dA chat, skype, or google docs, in order of preference.
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AA: Elise and Roro Swap
Outfit swap meme! My half of EXP to Lars (>or Spencer) please!


Thanks so much for doing the swap with me-- I've always loved your designs shock, and Roro's outfits is My Dream o)-<////

Elise Zimmermann belong 2 mi
Rohayu Shir-Del belongs to :iconshockabsorbers:
MNK: Dancer Otoha

Name: Otoha

Age: Percieved: 17, Physical: 25

Continent of Origin: Arteia

Race: Siren

Class: Support

Shihiri Nature: Ilum

Team: Prime
AA: Lars Siegel


Lars Dieter Siegel
Age: 22
 Monday, Day 1 of the Month of Seeds, Year of Paths (8271) | Day 3 of the Month of the Bee, Year of the Lambent Crystal Raven
True Animal: Horse
Secret Animal: Cormorant

Class: Fighter
Koben Armed Forces (Heavy Infantry)

Allegiance: Koben


Straight-forward | Hard-Working | Patient | Sincere | Humble | Serious | Slow | Imperceptive | Awkward | Blunt |  

By default Lars’ expressions often settle into frowns and furrowed brows, giving off the impression that he is always dissatisfied or unhappy. Though he is an incredibly serious individual with a lacking sense of humor, and though he does tend to always take things too literally, he is by no means hard to please. Lars is a man of simple tastes who prefers to be straightforward with both words and actions, and appreciates those who return the favor. He is honest, and sincere-- finding it hard to lie about things even when it would be more prudent to do so. And being neither smart nor readily perceptive, Lars has always been unsuited to understanding subtle cues except with the select few he's closest to. To most, if not everyone, he comes off as blunt and awkward in mannerism and disposition. He’s stepped on toes more often than he can count due to sharp words and sincere honesty without realizing he’s done it until weeks later— but he rarely has ill-intentions. A genuinely good heart and desire to make those around him happy are often thwarted by being unused to social interaction, and Lars is especially eager to recognize his failings and improve on this front. Though he often struggles to identify these problems on his own, with the proper guidance from others he is fully capable of reform and reflection.

Lars’ freshly minted self-confidence is quite resilient after being battered for so many years by thoughtless remarks— he hardly blinks an eyelash at gossip or unkind remarks directed his way. Instead, he works hard to rise above and beyond what is expected of him, preferring to demonstrate rather than argue his way through proving people wrong. Despite his efforts however, his naturally slow uptake on things in general makes him a poor learner, often frustrating those around him with his somewhat bumbling ways. But while even he grows frustrated with himself on occasion, he is quite aware of his own capabilities and is usually very patient— not only with his stilted progress, but with others as well. As a result, Lars has an even temper and very rarely loses it— even with the most trying of people.  

As the second son of the ambitious Earl of Heldar, Lars was a celebrated arrival for all the wrong reasons. Relieved to have another son, the Earl and his wife were enthused with the boy only until it was clear that his disposition was very different from that of his sweet-talking, charismatic elder brother. Lars was an awkward child, stammering over words and slow to learn new things. His faults were glaringly embarrassing for his flashy parents, and while he was not neglected nor unloved, the favoritism heaped upon his brother very distinctly affected Lars and everyone else on the estate. His only solace from a gnawing sense of loneliness was the very older brother in whose shadow he stood, and the friends his brother had gathered around him. Yet these friends were Balthazar’s friends, not his. And his brother, impatient with Lars’ dim-wittedness, pitied more than liked him. But Lars’ accidental discovery of one of his brother’s most fiercely guarded secrets was enough to dry up what little pity Balthazar had felt for him, and a wall was firmly erected between them. Though Lars, truly admiring his brother after years of hearing his praises sung by everyone around them, endeavored to overcome the gulf between them, his efforts were in vain.

The blow of losing his only lifeline was softened however, by the arrival of a younger sister. He adored Gabrielle, partially because she adored him. While their parents had little patience to play with a toddler and Balthazar had too much pride to sit through tea parties or let her put bow ties in his hair, Lars was happy to do anything she wished. For the first time, he was number one. Lars was second to nobody in the eyes of his sister, and that recognition changed him deeply. Though he appeared ever serious and quiet, he grew to understand that it was by no fault of his own that he had always been second best, but rather the silliness of his parents that had eyes for no one but their beloved eldest. He recognized that it was the failings of his brother that had thwarted Lars’ attempts to mend their relationship— not his own. As his eyes opened to the reality of his situation, his confidence grew— and Gabrielle bolstered it. As she grew older, she became equally aware, and so it was that Lars and Gabrielle were thick as thieves.

A desire to be worthy of his sister’s love and admiration made Lars feel that he wished, for once, to be something more than his brother’s spare. But he was blocked at every angle by his mother’s stubborn refusal to let her second son join the military— for now that war was looming on the horizon, she could not be prevailed upon to willingly let one of her children risk his life. No matter how less preferred Lars was amongst his siblings, she wished for him to stay near, and Lars did not wish to lose the little favor he had with his parents for being the best behaved of the three. Most of all, he could not bear to leave his sister, who he knew at the time secretly did not want him to leave and possibly never return. He sat at home and stewed throughout the war, his hopes to join the military and make a way for himself in the world seeming all but a pipe dream until months later, their mother’s bloodline came to the fore. At last, his time to shine had come, and he was eager to join the Ostzepter expedition and prove his mettle. But bad luck was ever upon him, and a riding accident made the trek an impossible task. Once again, Lars was left behind while his brother basked in glory that was entirely undesirable to him.

The loss of such an opportunity translated into Lars finally reaching his tipping point. He was at last able to let go of his admiration for Balthazar, something he had always held onto in the hopes of someday repairing their relationship. But he was beginning to recognize now that his brother was not somebody to be idolized. The final nail in the coffin came with the dragon fire that swept Koben City, impressing upon him the consequences of his choices thus far. He was unable to act, unable to protect-- truly and honestly useless to those dearest to him. Lars was determined that he would not live with eyes and ears closed to the world anymore, and no longer would he allow his parents to decide what he could and could not do. Machinations aided by the more clever mind of his sister were put in order, and he determined that he would join the military as soon as their plans could be set into motion. With the rumors of conscription looming over the Whelcliffe incident, he bit the bullet and announced to his family that whether the draft came or not, he intended to enlist- and make his own decisions from now on.   

Additional info:

-       He grew his hair long at his sister’s request, so that she could braid and play with it when she was younger. He grew accustomed to it and keeps it long now out of habit.
-       He collects hair clamps, and has 10 different ones at the moment. His favorites are the ones procured from Song-Lu.
-       He has a mild case of dyslexia that has never been identified nor addressed. The anxiety caused by his inability to connect phonetic sounds with written words resulted in a stress-induced stammer, which only exacerbated the idea that he was slow or stupid as a child. Over time he's overcome the stammer, but he still reads and processes information slower than others-- and struggles with anything that requires him to read aloud. He does however, enjoy a good book when not under pressure to do so quickly.
-       His hobbies including tending to all manner of animals, but he particularly likes peryton, horses, and pegasi. He also likes farming and gardening, and lends a helping hand to the wheat harvest in Heldar every year.
-       He was in Koben City during Firefall with Gabrielle and their uncle. They were in middle Koben, and while they witnessed the attack first hand, they escaped mostly unharmed (physically).


Luther Ulrich Siegel (Father): Lars has a neutral relationship with his father that was once rather strained but has improved over time. His father was most prone to expressing his open disappointment in Lars when he was a child, and his confidence suffered at the hands of his father's throwaway remarks. Over time however, his father has begun to see the good qualities in his second child- but their relationship is distant due to Lars' reluctance to speak openly with him. (Or rather, to speak to him at all unless absolutely necessary.)

Cecilia Siegel (Mother): As a child Lars was a mama's boy-- trailing after her skirts and doing his best to please her. But her clear preference for Balthazar and inability to endure her second child's awkward mannerisms were a constant source of disappointment for Lars. Out a desire to see her happy with him, he always did as she asked of him, and was always anxious and worried when she went into her signature dramatics. With time however, he has learned to balance his own happiness with that of his mother's, and while his relationship with his mother is definitively better than that of the one with his father, he also speaks little to her.

Balthazar Siegel (Elder Brother): In Lars' childhood he idolized his brother, influenced by his parents' and the servants' great fondness for him and everything he did. However Balthazar never took the same shine to Lars, and while he played the role of an older brother for a few years, Lars' accidental discovery of a number of Balthazar's secrets ruined their relationship. Much to Lars' surprise, Balthazar is incredibly supportive of his desire to join the military, and it was ultimately him who convinced their parents to let Lars enlist.

Gabrielle Siegel (Younger Sister): His most beloved family member, while at home Lars opens his heart only to his sister. Whatever time is spent indoors is almost entirely spent glued to her side despite being 7 years older. Where her parents display a very clear preference for Balthazar, she is not at all subtle about her bias for Lars- and in turn, he is always thinking of how to be a better brother to her. Her recent interest in medicine and the war effort has encouraged him to act on long dormant aspirations, and his emotional stability is almost entirely reliant on her.

RP Preference: HCs > Discord
AA: Balthazar Siegel


Banner Koben Cinnamon Roll Nominee Worst Role Model Nominee First Zombie Nominee Banner Koben 

6/14/16: Updated bust art and turned 27 years old! ... My style now looks so jarring next to my year-old art....

:new: 5/27/17: Updated app art and turned 28 years old. I did the math and realized he was actually a year older than I thought he was this whole time based on his birthday (oops). Revamped his entire written application as well, including updated personality and history!


The colors on the fb were done by the BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL AND LIGHTNING FAST :iconavodkabottle: and she made Balto look FAB AF!!!1 Like dude check out his gun-- which reminds me, he was also upgraded to Sniper class! (Just in time for the War to End All Wars!)  


Name: Balthazar Cecil Siegel  
Age: 28
Standard Birthday: Thursday, Day 14 of the Month of Stars, Year of Beginnings (8265)
Standard Zodiac: Lucernae the Lantern Bearer
Song-Lu Birthday
Day 18 of the Month of the Cat, Year of the Incandescent Amber Bee
Song-Lu True/Secret Animal: Raven/Silkworm
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10” (5’11" with his boots) 
Race: Human

Class: Sniper
Occupation: Noble Burgraf Imdael, Heir Apparent to the Heldar Estate 
City: Koben
Allegiance: Koben Empire


Balthazar is at first glance a charismatic man who has all the charm and ease of a man who has passed a comfortable life free of troubles. But as one will plainly see in due time, this means he is equally incapable of overcoming anything particularly distressing by himself. He will always choose the path of least resistance, and in most cases he would rather bend to a strong opinion than try to fight it. Notorious for pretending problems don't exist, he can be very reluctant to admit that they do- an escapist through and through. His resolve to avoid conflict both internal and external is so strong that Balthazar can actually be unreasonably stubborn about it.

Yet in all actuality Balthazar is a very capable person should he choose to do something of his own volition-- or should someone force his hand in a way he can't refuse. He has potential, but usually lacks a drive of his own, and simply finds it too troublesome to take advantage of the greater breadth of his talents. After seeing the pressure that standing out can cause first-hand, he prefers to plod along in mediocrity to avoid inciting any inconvenient expectations from those around him. However, he is entirely capable of supporting others in their pursuits, and if to that end he must expend what little goodness he has in him, he's always glad to do so. Though he dislikes serious conversation, insightful words of comfort have occasionally slipped through his normally evasive nature.

As someone who is accustomed to getting his way, Balthazar is particularly adept at maneuvering into the hearts of those around him so he can live easily- but when feeling cornered by a person or a situation, he can become quite unpleasant. He is aware that he has the ability to show a very ugly side of himself that is the epitome of obstinate, vindictive, and self-centered, he makes painstaking efforts to never be caught losing control of his temper, and has only (unwillingly) revealed his ugliest side to choice individuals. Yet despite his inherently selfish nature and increasingly materialistic disposition, Balthazar is at his heart pacifist who struggles to reconcile his distaste for fighting with his love for his country-- and the people who live in it.


| Fashion | Jokes and Funny Stories | Sailing | Competitive Riding | Horses | Hunting | Technology | Travelling | Music | Long Walks | Sleeping | Guns | Drinking | Gambling | 


| Sweets | Expectations | Implications that he is incapable or a failure | Conflict | Gossip | Rules | Dancing | Being compared | Fencing | The Military |


Born the eldest son of Luther Siegel, the Earl of Heldar, Balthazar’s childhood was a balance of both bitter and sweet. He was spoiled endlessly by his mother and father, who provided the young boy with whatever he wanted- yet rigorously forced him to apply himself in his studies so that he could someday take up his father’s title. Ecstatic that rote memorization and understanding seemed to come easily to their son, they slackened their overbearing ways in his teens, hoping for him to find his own way as he grew closer to reaching adulthood. Their hopes were quickly dashed however, when this taste of freedom quickly turned their son from the path of politics. He found a hobby in sailing, travelling, and anything that took him far from home. His studies all but abandoned, his parents attempted to rein him back in by shipping him off to the army- where he could be supervised and relearn his lost discipline. They made sure he saw little beyond the base however, and his stint in the army was more for image than anything else. It was around this time that he grew to dislike the gossip that seemed to envelop him whenever he returned home to attend stuffy balls and social gatherings- he had no interest in the petty affairs of the aristocracy, and could not fathom why they were so interested in his personal matters. He learned the value of keeping his secrets secret, and did so with the utmost care.

Regardless, he managed to find close friends in the noble sphere, partners in crime with others his age such as the Rotherzogs or the Crown Prince. The sudden death of the latter was a great blow to Balthazar, who held him in high regard and had looked forward to his dim future in government thanks to his companionship. Though still charismatic in crowds, he grew unwilling to make new friends, and preferred to keep everyone not already familiar with him at a polite arm’s distance. With the charged tensions surrounding the empire, Balthazar also put an end to his travels to stay put at home, learning the finer points of managing of his family and tenants’ affairs. But what he had cursed as a mundane and boring lifestyle was plagued by increasing pressure to marry, and marry well. His extreme indifference towards women and self-sabotaged engagements had caused his parents endless worry, and they took a heavy handed approach to rectifying the situation. It was no surprise to Balthazar that his father would never accept anything less than his own flesh and blood, so he was faced with a reality that his own pride and personal habits could not endure: If he did not marry a woman, his inheritance would go instead to his younger brother Lars.

Yet all was not lost. His unhappy situation was improved, upon the adoption of an heiress into the family of their neighboring estate. Of similar age, interests, and rank, Ludovika Waryslav was a perfect match for Balthazar- in both the opinion of his parents who pushed the acquaintance upon them, and over time, in the opinion of Balthazar himself, who found that her disposition was the most bearable he had ever encountered in a woman. But nearly a year has passed since they first met, and Balthazar, who is by now honor bound to follow through on unspoken promises, is now running out of excuses to delay the inevitable...

Additional info: 

- He dislikes the nickname ‘Balto’, though it was his military nickname. He's gotten used to it, but can still be a bit prickly if someone he's not friends with (or his mother) tries to use it.

- He was to be married to a fellow noblewoman when he turned 21, but a man of higher rank than his own became infatuated with her (at his subtle encouragement and suggestion) and the engagement was broken off much to his relief.

- He has three dogs, one of which was a gift from the Gravina of Luritz's illustrious line of magic(?) hunting dogs. That dog in particular accompanies him nearly everywhere he goes and is usually in the background somewhere minding her own business.

- The Heldar Estate is located in the far Eastern part of the Koben region, on the Bratkowice border. It is a relatively large estate due to the value of the land there being rather lower than in other parts of Koben, and specializes primarily in wheat farming and the crafting of beers, with a small market in cured meats. The westernmost part of the estate once belonged to the Marienkafer family, but was combined with Heldar during Balthazar's grandfather's time. It has since been returned to Martin Marienkafer after the purchase was facilitated by the Rotherzog family and Balthazar’s agreement to his father’s extraneous terms.

- The Imdael Estate is located Northwest of Koben City, and borders the Erzthal estate. It is significantly smaller than Heldar, and much of its economy is based on refining ores and minerals from surrounding lands into intermediate goods that are then sold to be finalized in the city's factories. The title and estate were brought into the family through his mother.

- Their proximity to Bratkowice has resulted in quite a bit of Bratkovan blood in the Siegel family ancestry on his father’s side. Most locals in Heldar tend to be capable of communicating in Bratibran to some extent or another-- and some are either immigrants or directly descended from Bratkovans themselves. Balthazar however, is famously terrible at Bratibran amongst his father's tenants, who revel in asking their lord-to-be to make paltry attempts for their amusement. 


Luther Ulrich Siegel (51) - The Earl of Heldar. A charismatic, talkative man who takes the well-being of his estates very seriously and has nothing more than the best interests of the Empire in his heart. He is perhaps a little over-concerned with climbing the social ladder, however, and often revels too much in his eldest son's "successes". He is a jolly man, but his children understand that he is not a force to be reckoned with, and his wishes are to be obeyed without question. He speaks Bratibran fluently, as his mother was born and raised in Bratkowice, and he often travels there for holiday.

Cecilia Siegel (nee Basch) (49) - The Gravina of Heldar. Famed for being incredibly beautiful, Cecilia is equally notorious for being incredibly stupid. She loves her eldest son a little too much, which affords him more freedom than he should’ve otherwise enjoyed. Her dowry was very impressive, and so she was able to have more of a say in who she selected as a husband. Balthazar loves his mother dearly, but doesn't think very highly of her intellectual capabilities, and often suffers at the hands of her silly whims and sensitive feelings. (She is the reason he finds the company of most women unbearable, as his patience is very quickly used up on her.)

Lars Dieter Siegel (22) - Balthazar’s younger brother. He is a knight aspiring to join the Koben Militia. His head is considerably emptier than Balthazar’s, but he makes up for it in physical prowess. He respects his older brother and wholeheartedly wishes for his happiness, but is frustrated by Balthazar's unwillingness to act and is very aware of the former's indifference to him. Lars holds no title and has at last convinced his parents to allow him to enlist in the military after the Whelcliffe incident. He is conversational in Bratibran, the only academic subject he has ever been able to maintain a semblance of mastery over.

Gabrielle Siegel (15) - Balthazar's younger sister. She is impressively accomplished and has the sweetest disposition of the family. In the past two years however, she has grown more headstrong and willful, dedicating herself to charity for those afflicted by the war and applying herself in nursing, despite her presentation at court looming on the horizon. She likes both of her brothers, but prefers Lars to Balthazar by far. 


Kun Li - A Song-Lu Bard who accompanied him and his old travelling friends on an adventure that lasted a few months after Balthazar left the military. He tries to find every tiny excuse in the world to visit Song-Lu to see him- but guards his connection to Kun with a dogged fervor and never speaks of him to anybody.

Ludovika Waryslav - The heiress of the estate bordering his father's, at first Balthazar was cautious of her due to his parents' fervent desire for a union between them. He found her company tolerable however, and eventually even found her pleasant to be with. She has an uncanny knack of saying exactly what Balthazar needs to hear at any given moment, and he's shared the weight of his troubles with her. He still keeps her in the dark about a multitude of things that he finds either unsuitable for her ears or simply too distressing for her to be privy to, but he finds her indispensible as a friend-- and the most likely woman he could marry and have a fighting chance at being happy with.   

Aeron Rotherzog - Another noble whom Balthazar is not wary of- their similar age and relatively close estates mean that they waved play swords together at least once in their childhood- and their mutual distaste for stuffy socializing have seen them sticking side-by-side through a number of unbearable balls. Balthazar has privately come to terms with the fact that Aeron is very likely dead, but publicly still maintains that the lack of any gloating from the Mirans must mean that there's a chance that he's still alive. Regardless, he followed all of Aeron's last wishes for him enclosed in a final letter, and has attempted to be a better leader to set the example that Aeron can no longer set for his younger brother Emmerick.

Martin Marienkafer - A childhood "friend" (read: toy) and a very very distant cousin whom Balthazar loved to tease when they were younger. He treats Martin more like a little brother than his actual sibling, having good laughs at his expense despite having spent a fair amount of his youth under his aunt's tutelage. Despite a botched confession from him that left Balthazar rather worried for the future of their friendship, to his relief it rather improved their relationship as Balthazar no longer wondered if Martin held their less-than-amicable past against him. After losing all of his other close friends to the war, Balthazar sees Martin as one of, if not his very best friend.

Freida Marienkafer - His tutor from late childhood to early teens, almost everything he knows about marksmanship, politics, and behaviors befitting a noble was imparted to him through her iron-fisted lessons. Unsurprisingly, he is quite afraid of her- and tries to run away from any possible encounters with her. (Alas, these attempts often fail and he is forced to behave himself...) Having spent most of his childhood in her company however, he is more willing to confide in her than he is to his own parents.  

Logan Doherty - The man Balthazar tottered after as a child, admiring him as a role model until he grew too old to believe in role models at all. He respects Logan greatly, but finds him exceedingly dull now that he's gotten married and had children. Balthazar doesn't see the novelty in kids- nor wives. He is under the assumption that Logan was killed in the North.

Fabian Roenach - The Crown Prince and a good friend from his days in the military. To Balthazar's surprise, Fabian was anything but the typical pompous and insufferable royal- and in fact found him quite relatable and fun. He respected the Crown Prince and felt that he would have made an excellent Emperor. Though he refuses to speak of it to anybody, he was quite affected by his sudden death. After Akiela's execution however, Balthazar has managed to find a semblance of resolution.

Sigmund Roenach - The new crown prince, Balthazar supports his claim to the throne wholeheartedly and scorns those who would take it from him after he was already deprived of his brother. Though Balthazar's motivations lie perhaps less in the young prince's interests so much as a desire to see his old friend in the boy... He is the only person with whom Balthazar is willing to talk about the late prince-- and sometimes encourages somewhat poor behavior in the teen as a result of his tales....

Marquess of Alden - Though his father secretly supports the Marquess, Balthazar is less enthusiastic about him for various reasons, but doesn't dare to say anything against him. He once attended a hunting party thrown by him for the younger nobles.

RP Preferences:

Unless I approach you for RP first, or if our characters are well acquainted with each other, I only do headcanons via discord! Thank you!

MNK: Art Dump 1

Where am I and how did I get this deep
Please full view to see cute shounen ota chibs

*the kiss memes at the bottom are Not Canon!

Only Otoha belongs to me, everyone else belongs to.... I'm sorry I'm too lazy to tag all your names o)-< BUT Y'ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE I'll make a list of usernames ....  


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