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taiwonton // wontonton
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Yo! I'm tai:

- I draw purely for fun.
- I don't take requests.
- I do take art trades, but only if you're a good friend!
- I do take commissions right now, please check my journal to check for open slots!
- I roleplay through dA chat, skype, or google docs, in order of preference.
- Icon/Pixels by 2StreetsDown



AA: Doodle Dump VI

EXP to Balto please!

AKA the period of time in which I drew very little of actual AA characters and mostly just relatives and npcs... :iconshadowedplz:
There's some... really really ancient stuff in here haha laughs at the pirate collab lines and the ignalise doodle o)-<

Crack kids are so fun to think up hhhh hopes to draw more soon!!

Featuring: avodkabottle's Rosie, mrakobulka's Ignat, 2StreetsDown's Odvar and Fabian, Lost-in-Canada's Bertram and Lorna, number11train's Celestina (omg I'm sorry I will do better someday sob what is this mess) and Seumas (???or canada's idk), Raburabbit's Cookie, Usakan's Airez, heavania's Leve, and some Song-Luan NPCs I made with Pikakus! o/

Colors on the Fabian/Balto zombie collab piece were done by :icon2streetsdown: o/ DOKIS A LOT LETS COLLAB AGAIN SOON blowing kisses bear emoji 
2S: Linus Kobold WHOOPS

 I forgot to send in a join request friends :iconderpplz: MAYBE WILL SEND IN MY APP AGAIN NEXT OPENING IF I'VE GOT FREE TIME

Name: Linus Alexander Kobol
Nickname: Sidh (pronounced 'Cid')
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: May 5th
Height|Weight: 5'10" (178cm) | 155 lbs (70 kg)
Rank: Pawn
Squad: Afterglow
Badge: Television Set
Weapon: N/A


|| Strength | 2 || Endurance | 5 || Speed | 4 || 
|| Coordination | 0 || Intelligence | 5 || Flexibility | 1 ||


+ Whimsical + Friendly + Inquisitive + Hard-working + Sunny +
- Selfish - Dishonest - Nosy - Dismissive - Judgemental -

Sunny and cheerful, at first glance Linus is a disarmingly likable young man whose company would never be unwelcome. A natural curiosity for things makes him always interested in the troubles of others, and he's always willing to lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a nugget of advice. His motives however, are almost always less than noble. Linus loves secrets, but doesn't like them staying secret; he wants to know everybody's business, and while he can at times be relied upon to be a secure confidant, most times he will use his knowledge to his own advantage however he pleases. His curiosity tends to get him into spots of trouble with the wrong people-- and inadvertently causes trouble for the good sort of people as well. But disappointment is not something that Linus courts well, and when his intrigue or curiosity is left wanting, he can be quite dismissive-- affronted even, by people who are less interesting than he initially supposed.

He is judgmental in that sense- internally stamping an opinion on everyone he meets at the first encounter. Anyone who doesn't align with his own preference for good company or solid sensibilities will be avidly avoided. (Unless there is something Linus wants from them, and in such cases Linus does his best to lie through his teeth until he gets what he wants.) But he is not the sort to hold grudges, and while he may deem someone incorrigibly insufferable one week, he could very well find them the most interesting creature in the whole city the next. Linus' feelings and thoughts are volatile and whimsical, in constant flux as they ebb and flow to a mysterious tide. 

But while his feelings are unreliable, his conduct is not. Linus is a hard-worker who applies himself to things with a manic sort of obsession- a dedication that makes up for the fact that his impoverished beginnings resulted in a slow start. He is the type who becomes enamored with one thing, determined to master it-- and then abandons it entirely when he's through, tiring of it after overexposing himself. However, when tasked with something, one can always be confident that Linus will see it through to the end- and to those who have earned his love, indebtedness, or favor, he can be quite the loyal supporter.

wordcount: 389

+ Food, all and any kind of food
+ Warm places
+ Mischief
+ Supercell Girls
+ Secrets/Gossip
+ Dancing
+ Taking pictures
+ Machinery

- Physical Conflict
- Losing his phone/badge
- Surprises
- Spending/Losing Money
- Fictional Love Stories
- Being left out (particularly from secrets and drama)
- Alcohol
- Luxury Goods


There is no money. This was a reality that Linus grew to understand early on in his childhood, when his parents struggled to make ends meet in the lawless Void. Anything they made was siphoned away one way or another before anything substantial could be made of it- the neither of them clever nor capable enough to avoid being taken advantage of. But while his parents toiled away, idleness marked Linus' days, as the Void wasn't a proper place for a young boy to be outside running about. Boredom needled away at his young, restless mind, and impatience with his parents' ineptitude began to grow as fast as he himself did. By the time he was old enough to defy his parents' wishes to stay away from the bad influences surrounding them, he possessed an unstoppable curiousity for everything and anything. Books were an infathomable luxury, and he coveted discarded volumes of any genre and topic rummaged from the trash. But what Linus truly coveted was technology. The ability to access an unimaginable bank of information all with the flick of a finger.

His parents recognized Linus' thirst for knowledge. In fact, they recognized that it would soon do more harm than good-- for he began asking questions that nobody else dared ask in the Void, sneaking around and trying to be privy to things that were better off unknown. Little could be done to curb his insatiable need to know everything, and so with the greatest effort and no small sacrifice on their part, they procured a phone for Linus. A cheap, spartan model- but one that had all the necessary functions nonetheless. And Linus, thrilled, became positively obsessed. To his parents' joy, he stayed indoors almost all hours, glued to the small screen consuming articles, tutorials, gossip columns, anything the next link brought to him. The tiny, dirty world around him simply wasn't interesting when he had the entire universe at his fingertips. But every month, Linus would hit a wall-- the data wall, in which his parents would sigh, hem, and haw over the fact that they simply didn't have the money to afford a bigger plan.

With no data at the end of each month, Linus began to venture back into the Void, settling for the fact that matters needed to be taken into his own hands. Though his social skills were stilted and awkward, a fleeting obsession with code during his consumption of online articles made him nominally useful to a small time hacking syndicate. The pay was but a penance, and oftentimes 'taxed' until naught but a fraction was left. And in those rare instances where his efforts actually bore notable fruit, the money was always used on something necessary in the house--food, bills, bribes. It was thus that Linus came to understand that when there was no money, there was no freedom. He strove to be of use in order to rise in the ranks of the organization that held sway in his neighborhood. And while he was able to get bigger jobs and take on greater responsibilities, he seemed never capable of finding the right footing to break from the cycle his parents had suffered for so many years before him.

In his mid-teens having finally tasted the injustices of the Void himself, Linus at last understood his parents' plight; watching money that should've been his evaporate into the pockets of others. His every effort became bent on making money- every neuron working away at plans to scam, cheat, and make bank. But then the opportunity to not only make money, but make it without answering to someone who would take a cut of it came along. It was an opportunity to strike out and meet like-minded individuals, in the form of an app and an address on his beaten cellphone screen. And so without a second thought, he took it.

Specter was everything Linus had ever desired: Here was his chance, his chance to leave the Void for good, and not only for business or reconnaissance. It was his chance to make enough money to support not only his obsession with everything new and unknown, but also his aging parents. Wasting not even a moment over Specter's reputation after what he'd seen in the Void, Linus eagerly signed up, and soon found his place in Afterglow.

wordcount: 752


Looking for: Any friends/relatives from the void! Informants from the city! And any friends from post-joining Specter!

- He's only mildly near-sighted, and can see without his glasses relatively well. He still wears them however, because he dislikes the vague blurriness without them.
- He lives with his parents in a car salvaging junkyard, so he's often got grease smeared on his clothes and person. He especially likes tinkering with vehicles and automobiles.
- The emoji on his badge changes freely between faces when idle, and it shrinks/moves out of the way when media is being displayed on the screen. 

RP Style:
I function almost exclusively through headcanons! (And drawing comics to depict any significant hcs.) I only RP if a headcanon naturally calls for greater depth/detail, and/or if the scene is already partially headcanoned out.
[[ Discord and/or LINE ]]
AA: Breadventures

Collab between me and :iconheavania: 
AAA thank you so much for all your patience with my slow butt and I'm so happy our girlies are tomos now!!

For the RP Matcher prompt that Thyme and Leve filled: babysitting a pet!

Thyme and her temp new magic teacher Leve are enjoying planting new seeds on the back of the pandog (chiapet) that brought them together by chance! His name is Bread, and since Thyme's Estran family has no fondness for pets that aren't useful in a magical or otherwise labor-reducing manner, has been adopted by Leve along with her other slew of animal friends!! 

Tusa bound this year, we'll see if Thyme can survive in a desert without beloved trees and plants surrounding her :iconshadowedplz:

Sketch/Lines of Charas/LASTMINUTEADJUSTMENTS/Touch-up - Me
Colors/Shading/Background/Pandog - Heavania
Antologiya: Bring Me a Dream
Antologiya: Glitch

"Give him a pair of eyes with a 'Come Hither Gleam'"

Just something I threw together in an hour or two whilst procrastinating on things I should really be doing OTL 
One of those 'it's come to me and I have to shit this out asap' kind of things haha

Caleb Siegel belongs to me
Phantasmogoria Cycle


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