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taiwonton // wontonton
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Yo! I'm tai:

- I draw purely for fun.
- I don't take requests.
- I do take art trades, but only if you're a good friend!
- I do take commissions right now, please check my journal to check for open slots!
- I roleplay through dA chat, skype, or google docs, in order of preference.
- Icon/Pixels by 2StreetsDown



Koi Dance

I'm sorry for my absence weep work has been kicking my butt o)-<
I haven't been able to touch my tablet at all this past week, but I'm still alive....! 
Have an old scrawl of Berlioz and Riesz doing the Koi Dance o)-<

Riesz belongs to :iconyukihomu:
Koi, by Hoshino Gen
I did a collab with Dhirento! Check it out:
AA: Koben Burning by Dhirento
AA: Infiltration Part III
((Warning for torture and blood))


It's been 84 years... :iconoldplz:

LMFAO JK but it's finally here! This is the really late third part of me and Pikakus's Infiltration comic!
Both of us were really busy so it dragged out hxc but-- the end product was totally worth the wait aaaaa please enjoy Aer having a Fun Time with Spencer for a few days.... Quality bonding.... o)-<

If you need a refresher, here are links to the first and second parts

Part I:
Part II:

Part IV: In-Progress

Spencer Stroud, Lines/Layout by me
Nice Espadas, Colors by :iconpikakus:
Aeron Rotherzog belongs to :iconazliene:
P-VII: Berlioz

  • Name: Berlioz Roquefort
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 179cm
  • Species: Human
  • House: Vega
  • Major Arcana: Anima (Life) - Verto (Change)

  • Spells
       [ Siphon I ] :

Heals injuries by absorbing them into his grimoire; 'Changes' the state of injuries to favor 'life'. His mastery of the spell is rather limited, and as of yet it has little effect on internal injuries due to his own lack of knowledge on the workings of his magic. (i.e. Siphon does well with shallow wounds like lacerations and burns, but doesn't do much, if anything, for broken bones or internal bleeding.)

      [ Liberation I ] :

Releases a blast of previously stored injuries onto a target; 'Changes' stored injuries into offensive slasher attacks. As of now, he has a somewhat dubious control over the direction and amount he releases out of the grimoire. (If he is to control the direction well, the amount he releases needs to be less, thus making the spell rather underwhelming damage-wise. Vice versa, if he wants to release greater quantity and thus a more punishing attack, he's generally unable to control the direction and it will attack any target friend, foe, or self, indiscriminately.)

Limitations: If he uses up his storage of injuries, he has nothing to fight with; Likewise, releasing (and controlling) the stored injuries takes energy and focus, and when his stamina runs out he can no longer extract from the grimoire. Healing takes time depending on the severity of the injury and it's efficiency decreases with the number of patients.

  • Weapon

    Standard Grimoire used to store injuries, wand used to guide injuries in and out of it. Has a dagger on his person to create his own injuries for storage if necessary.

  • P e r s o n a l i t y 

Berlioz is at first a stoic young man who seems as steady as a rock. He is reliable in all he does, and strives to always be the best version of himself that he can be, eager to learn new things and work hard.  But he speaks as little and as slowly as possible in every situation, often stringing only two words together for his share of the conversation. He regularly comes off as prideful and unfriendly to most. But the reality is that he is simply an extremely self-conscious person, who overthinks even the most mundane of things. Every interaction must be scrutinized under the microscope of his insecurity before he feels himself confident enough to respond- and more often than not, he misses the proper timing for the correct response, and is thus resigned to silence. Solitude has made him awkward, and while he enjoys and craves company, he equally dreads and avoids that of those charismatic and quick-minded folk who may judge him, or think poorly of his shortcomings.

His consternation in regards to the latter tends to make him scowl and glare, which does nothing to help prevent his image of unfriendliness. As a result of repeated failures, he is rather cynical about both himself and those around him, and tends to assume the worst of others unless reassured by a trusted friend-- a circle that he keeps small and limited despite having no greater desire than to expand it.

tl;dr: Quiet | A Rock | Self-concious, scowls the more embarrassed he gets | Easily frustrated | Cynical | Reliable | Awkward | Easily Tongue-Tied | Prideful | Holds grudges 5ever | Overthinker | Prideful

  • L i k e s
+ Decorated cakes, chocolate, and candies. (Indifferent to undecorated varieties.)
+ Cute and/or small things. (His definition of 'cute' is rather expansive.)
+ Working out/Weight lifting
+ Having and making (and keeping) friends
+ Animals, particularly birds
  • D i s l i k e s
- Expectations/Pressure
- The Supernatural (includes necromancy and related branches of magic ok ghosts r scaryplz)
- Dancing
- Winter
- Deep water (he'll stay on the shallow end of the pool thnx)

  • B i o g r a p h y 
In Berlioz’s home world, magic was a rarity— a weapon, limited to use only by the great mage families of antiquity. The Roqueforts had long been one of these ancient clans who fought in the mage wars of old with unforgiving elemental magics— but generations of peace and disinterested practitioners diminished the power in their bloodline. By his grandfather’s generation, their family was fading into obscurity, on the brink of becoming no different from any other common household. Determined to make a return to their former glory, by his grandfather’s design Berlioz’s father was arranged to marry a woman from another great house—and they produced two children, of whom would hopefully revive and carry the Roquefort name to greatness again. Indeed, Berlioz’s elder sister exhibited every talent, and fulfilled their grandfather and parents’ every wish in magical prowess. For her, mastery of the ancient family spells was a matter of “when”. For Berlioz, it was a matter of “if”.

From a young age he struggled to produce even the simplest spells, and exhibited no extraordinary abilities. All hopes were placed instead on his sister, and Berlioz— while not neglected, was left to his own devices. Scorned by other mage children his age who had long ago mastered their basic attack spells, Berlioz spent his time chiefly with family servants, the library, and the company of his own thoughts. When all hope seemed lost, his parents at last acquiesced to make the leap from traditional home schooling to that of a regular one. Again Berlioz struggled to fit in—unequipped to be thrust into a modern high school setting without any idea of what life outside of his direct family was like. But it was here after whisking away a classmates’ deep cut that Berlioz discovered that he was not, as his family feared, completely lacking in magical affinity. Rather, he was simply unsuited to offensive elemental magic, the only kind his world had valued enough to develop. Without the proper resources to cultivate his abilities, Berlioz was instead enrolled in Luna Arcana— in the hopes that a teacher of another universe might do better with guiding his development. Determined to make a proper start and relieved to get away from his overbearing family, Berlioz set out to do his utmost to make the most of his time at the academy.

  • E x t r a :

- Is big and buff but can't fight to save his life; Has only recently learned how to throw a proper punch without breaking his thumb
- Has a kajillion nicknames and hates every one of them (Some choice examples: Bear, Berl, Lion, Bert Borque no Lioz Dos)
- His eyes are pure black with no distinction between iris and pupil, nor any notable reflection of light under normal circumstances. Pure black eyes are a genetic trait passed through only the bloodline of great mage families in his home world.
AA: Doodle Dump VI

EXP to Balto please!

AKA the period of time in which I drew very little of actual AA characters and mostly just relatives and npcs... :iconshadowedplz:
There's some... really really ancient stuff in here haha laughs at the pirate collab lines and the ignalise doodle o)-<

Crack kids are so fun to think up hhhh hopes to draw more soon!!

Featuring: avodkabottle's Rosie, mrakobulka's Ignat, 2StreetsDown's Odvar and Fabian, Lost-in-Canada's Bertram and Lorna, number11train's Celestina (omg I'm sorry I will do better someday sob what is this mess) and Seumas (???or canada's idk), Raburabbit's Cookie, Usakan's Airez, heavania's Leve, and some Song-Luan NPCs I made with Pikakus! o/

Colors on the Fabian/Balto zombie collab piece were done by :icon2streetsdown: o/ DOKIS A LOT LETS COLLAB AGAIN SOON blowing kisses bear emoji 


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